Taylor Guitars DN3-LFT Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar, Left Handed 【送料無料】

【商品名】Taylor Guitars DN3-LFT Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar, Left Handed【カテゴリー】エレアコギター

Taylor Guitars DN3-LFT Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar, Left Handed


【メーカー】Taylor Guitars


Solid Sitka Spruce Top Solid Sapele Back/Sides Dreadnought Left Handed Hardshell Case Included The heralded Dreadnought is the most traditional of all acoustics. By definition, it's a battleship of a guitar and the Taylor left-handed DN3 pays tribute to that legacy--and then some. The left-handed DN3s booming bass and articulate mids dare you to dig in and challenge your flatpicking prowess. Simple, traditional styling and renowned Taylor craftsmanship make this sapele and spruce acoustic guitar one of Taylor's most popular models. Left-handed 6-String Dreadnought Sitka Spruce top Sapele back and sides Ebony fretboard and bridge Tusq nut and saddle Chrome-plated Taylor tuners Adjustable truss rode Strung with Elixir Medium Gauge Strings with NANOWEB Coating Taylor's Dreadnought The original Dreadnought acoustic guitar appeared early in the 20th Century, and its no-frills, no-nonsense shape made it a logical namesake of the huge battleships of that day. Most subsequent Dreadnoughts, including Taylor's, have been derivative of that early design. In 1997, however, Bob Taylor re- designed the Taylor Dreadnought by softening the curves at the top and bottom and generally refining its overall shape. In 2003, gloss-finish Dreadnoughts also underwent bracing refinements that substantially increased their overall volume and bass response, without sacrificing Taylor's signature balance and clarity. Dreadnought six-strings shine as "plectrum" or "rhythm" guitars because they respond well to flatpicking or light-to-heavy strumming.


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